Yoga & Tea

yoga and tea

When you come to think of it, yoga and tea are in fact quite similar. Yoga invigorates your mind and relaxes you, which tea is also capable of doing. Maybe that’s why tea and yoga blend very well together to create the most divine concoction. Research shows that most yoga experts encourage the drinking of tea after a yoga session. So here is why you should roll up your yoga mat and set the tea to brew.

Circulation is Improved

Yoga gets your blood flowing, but in a more relaxed and healthy way than an intense workout would. Therefore, the antioxidants in tea are better spread throughout your body after a yoga workout, than they would be if you drank a cup of tea at any other time. Doing this will help to improve your circulation and invigorate your entire body overall.

Stress is Relieved

Yoga helps to alleviate stress and so does tea. So whatever stress had been built up by your body before you did yoga, most should have been flushed out by the end of your session. Whatever remains will most likely be taken care of by the tea you drink, as it has caffeine, but a more subtle form of caffeine that won’t hype you up like coffee. The caffeine in your cup of tea will only extend the meditative buzz that comes from your yoga.

It Helps with Arthritis

Tea has long been proven to help achy joints that are prone to or already suffering from the effects of arthritis. So after a yoga workout, in which the joints and muscles have been significantly stretched and are still very open, a cup of tea will have even more of a helpful effect on those joints that are in need of the helpful ingredients contained in tea. Usually the stronger the tea, the better it is for truly arthritic joints.

Good for the Heart

As it has already been clearly documented that yoga and tea are both good for a person’s circulation, the added perk is heart health. So if there has been a history of heart disease in your family or you have already experienced some heart trouble, this is an added benefit on top of the other healthy steps you are already doing to keep your heart as healthy as possible.

It’s Just Soothing!

Hot tea has an aromatic quality and that subtle dose of caffeine, which is the perfect transition back into the world after thirty minutes to an hour of yoga. The hot tea that slowly but surely cools as you sip it after an intense yoga session also mirrors the heat being released by your body after your workout, which is smoother for both your body and mind. By easing back into the rest of your day, the relaxing effects of yoga aren’t lost as quickly and the daily stresses of life can be held at bay just a little bit longer. In some cases, this is critical for the health effects of doing yoga and drinking tea, as it allows the mind to stay relaxed and in turn allowing the body to feel healthier. As we all well know, a healthy body usually comes with a healthy mind.

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