What Tea can learn from Wine

It is amazing to see how the wine industry is so much more sophisticated in terms of educating and marketing their products. We have been consuming wine for just about as long as we have been consuming tea. Both beverages have a long and complex history that is deeply tied to the places where they are cultivated. While the wine world has its own issues to deal with, I think the one thing they are getting right is education. There are a few things that wine people do extraordinarily well which tea people are still just starting to catch on to.

Here are three things we think that people in tea should learn from wine.

1. Color Matters as Much for Tea as it does for Wine

2. Smell Matters as Much for Tea as it does for Wine

3. The “Finish” Matters as Much for Tea as it does for Wine

We try to learn as much as we can from the wine industry, from wine professionals, and even from wine writers. Wine people do an outstanding job of examining the color, nose, and finish of wines – something which tea hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals would do well to take note of.

While you might laugh at the idea of a tea expert now, it’s really not so different from being an expert in any other kind of drink — a decade ago all the microbrewers were being mocked, and that’s now a multimillion dollar business for plenty of passionate experts.

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