What is your Perfect Brew

“Do not judge a book by its cover” they say, but when it comes to chai… one look at its colour and you know it is not your cup of tea.

Don’t you always want your tea to be that perfect brew, with the right amount of milk, water, sugar and of course tea! Now, when I brew myself a cup in the morning, I wait for that beautiful beige-brown colour to appear before turning down the stove. However, there is no rule of thumb when making tea, because some like it strong and some like it milky.

So what should a perfect brew look like?

A particular interest in this ever debatable topic lead to a tea chart being tweeted last year. Given how strongly people feel about tea, it came as no surprise when this tea chart- an image guide inspired by Pantone colour guide- went viral in no time. It basically displayed 50 different shades of tea with 1 representing the milkiest and 50 representing the darkest and strongest brew. As part of a survey, tea drinkers were invited to pick the shade that closely represented their ideal cup of tea. The participation and reactions to others’ preferences did manifest the fact that good tea is a serious affair. The other revelation was that a classic medium brown shade of tea is the most popular and preferred choice amongst the British. The strongest and darkest brew is popular amongst the Northern Irish, while in Scotland, people prefer a milkier cup.

So to say, the survey gave some interesting findings about the preferences of tea lovers in the U.K.

Living in a tea loving country myself, I always make sure to ask my guests how they prfer their tea. As I am sipping on my cup of chilli chai (a shade 38) right now, I cant stop smiling over the amusing thought of presenting this shade card to my guests next time they come over.

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