Truth and myths about green tea

green tea

Truth and myths about green tea – Green tea has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, they were treated with everything – from headaches to depression. It is believed that green tea helps to lose weight, lower cholesterol, useful in the fight against cardiovascular disease and can even prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. What is this true and what is just a myth?

Does green tea protects against cancer

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that tea may protect against cancer . In 2009, the results of 51 studies, which involved more than 1.6 million people were analyzed. Scientists searched for a connection between consumption of green tea and colon cancer, prostate, breast, mouth and lungs. It turned out that the findings on the benefits of green tea as a cure for cancer are weak and very inconsistent.

In 2015 he studied the anti-cancer effect, which occurs when a combination of green tea and trace elements of the drug “Herceptin”, used in the treatment of gastric cancer and breast cancer. Initial results were promising in the laboratory, and is now planning clinical trials in humans. But it is too early to draw conclusions, so do not take it as a formal recommendation.

Does green tea to lose weight

It is believed that antioxidants and caffeine contained in tea can help the body burn more calories. It is said that green tea helps speed up the metabolism , and therefore lose weight.

Drugs for weight loss containing green tea, in fact, are the extracts of green tea, that is, contain a higher concentration of catechins and caffeine than a beverage made using a conventional tea bag and hot water. But the British Dietetic Association, examined the results of 18 experiments involving 1945 people, found no significant weight loss when consuming green tea.

Whether green tea reduces cholesterol

In a study of 2012 it was shown that daily consumption of both green and black tea helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure due contained in tea catechines. However, most studies proving this, were short-term, and to reinforce these conclusions, the need for more large-scale and long-term studies.

Cholesterol – the main cause of cardiovascular disease and stroke. And well, that reduce its level can be a simple and enjoyable drink. However, it is not clear how much we need to drink tea, to see a positive impact on health, and how long can survive this effect.

Does green tea prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease

The relationship between green tea and Alzheimer’s disease has not been proven in practice. In 2010, laboratory tests on animal cells used green tea extract. Since it is rich in antioxidants, protecting it from the nerve cell death, namely death of nerve cells leads to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease. However, such experiments with humans have not been conducted, therefore, can not with certainty say that green tea will help to cope with the disease.

Can tea lower blood pressure

Green tea actually reduces the pressure, and studies confirm this. However, the experiments were carried out at a mildly elevated blood pressure people. It is difficult to judge whether the tea have a serious impact on the clinical picture as a whole, and especially if it will help prevent the onset of heart disease or stroke.

Does green tea prevents tooth decay

In a small study conducted in 2014, compared the effectiveness of green tea mouthwash and popular antibacterial agents. As a result, it was found that they were almost equally effective, but green tea has an advantage: it is cheaper.


In the East, green tea is used as the primary means for the treatment of many diseases – from arthritis to obesity, as well as for the prevention of diseases like cancer. Although evidence of the effectiveness of tea either absent or very weak. However tea – perfect drink for the company, which is perfectly safe in moderation, so that fans can continue to enjoy them.


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