The Undone Tea Mornings

morning tea in bed

It’s that time of the day again.

The sun is long out.

The alarms are screaming and snoozing.

The doorbell is ringing.

But the blanket is still warm.

And the eyes just don’t open.

Until, you smell the tea!

And the world is right again (Whew!).

tea and cookies

For all the tea drinkers out there, whose days do not begin without a strong brisk cup of tea, we understand you.

And how!

Here’s why we need our morning cuppa:

It wakes us up. Like really wakes us up.

It gets the mind functioning (not in the I’m listening and not registering way, but knowing what is being said).

It gets the motion in motion (literally).

It calms the spirit and soul.

It helps us multitask.

It helps us meditate without dozing off.

It gives the energy to complete that last set of planks, or suryanamaskar.

It completes that all important meal – breakfast.

It wakes us up fresh, like we can take the world on.

We attempt to take the world on!

While the list could go on, we think its time we made ourselves a cup of tea.

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