The Tea Shelf- A New Look

The tea shelf

The overwhelming feedback received over the last 3 years has encouraged us to take a leap into the next phase of “The Tea Shelf” journey. We are excited to share with you that we have donned on a new look with a new logo, packaging and overall brand look.

The motto of our brand has always been to make tea drinking an indulgent experience by bringing fresh loose leaf tea right to your doorstep. Our new brandlook has been designed to reiterate The Tea Shelf story.

While our old logo was a well thought out depiction of the brand name (portraying shelves one under the other), the new round logo incorporates the essence of the brand.

The Tea Shelf

Our earlier packaging of vaccum packed pouches took good care to not loose out on the tea’s freshness, and we loved the jute bags for their earthy feel. However, we often wondered how our customers stored the tea once the pouches were open. Our new tin packaging not only stores the tea in its rightful condition but also sits beautifully on your shelf. The green color of the tin was a conscious choice to paint the idea of beautiful tea eastes and only freshest of the most premium loose leaf tea.

Apart from the logo and packaging, you will notice a change in the entire semblance of our website. We have incresed our product catalogue tenfold and are thrilled to offer you a whole new range of pure whole leaf tea along with flavoured in-house blends.

Yes! We have had a makeover but The Tea Shelf will always be the same when it comes to the quality of the teas. The tea we blend is the tea we like to drink. And we hope you like it too.

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