The Jaunty Cuppa

girl in a tea cup

Figuratively speaking, if Tea were a person I would definitely put it in the youth category. As I am sipping my masala chai this morning on International Youth Day, I can’t stop myself from drawing similarities between the traits of the youth and tea. The youth is universally defined by the United Nations as persons falling in the age group 15-24 years and in my opinion tea portrays some of the characteristics similar to the younger generation.

These young people radiate freshness or rather a degree of rawness that reminds me of white tea, which is unprocessed tea and is allowed to take their own shape post withering. The youth of today is free spirited and feels the need to be able to carve their own future paths. (Hmm.. my tea at the moment seems to be working like a magic portion and I can feel a surge of energy). Energetic! Of course we see this characteristic so much in our youth. While tea can infuse anyone with energy, the youth indulge his or her energetic self in adventure, risk-taking and out of the box thinking, as innovation seems to be the new survival of the fittest. Innovation and tea also go way back in time. How else will the world be basking in flavours of the myriad varieties of tea unlike the traditional cup that was available until a few years ago.

The youth today want a strong voice in planning their own agendas. They can be independent but are also intensely social, as if to blend with all and sundry. These traits take me back to my black tea (on which I am greedily sipping right now).

Black Tea with its strong flavours and aroma is widely used to make blends and as much as it can be enjoyed plain, it tastes very well with a few drops of lime and honey.

Well, I am not hinting that the budding generation is a cup of tea. This odd juxtaposition came up because I fancy that the most popular beverage in the world, Tea, will always be in the springtime of its life.

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