The Cup that Cleanses the Soul

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Ah! For a cup of tea. A good refreshing cup of tea. Tea comes in different shades, flavors and tastes. A morning cuppa, mid-morning sip, afternoon cup, evening fresh brew and if possible a nightly brew too. What is this potion, which has stolen the heart of millions of drinkers?

We, at The Tea Shelf have always been quite intrigued by the benefits & possibilities that each of the varieties of tea has. Once a coffee drinking client had scoffed at our brew selection and had questioned – what good does tea do to anyone. It had made us go into a bit of research, which had yielded some facts that were truly amazing.

Tea: The mystic and the intrigue

The farming and processing of tea consumes very less fossil fuels than many other crops in the world. The entire plucking is done by hand and hence no fossil fuel is burned. The drying chambers use dried wood rather than using any form of fossil fuel again. The emission is much less harmful and it’s also a renewable source of energy.

At The Tea Shelf we take utmost care to use non-toxic elements like wooden chest and aluminum containers to store tea, as we are all aware of the harmful effects of plastic and thus stoically avoid using it. The gardens we source from are all in the far flung regions, where the long spreads help to keep the environment in the mountains, clean and free of smoke. A visit to the gardens cleanses the body mind and souls to a great extent.

The cure at hand

In a world where an average of 3 billion cups of tea is consumed daily, it is the wonder nectar that can revive and rejuvenate a person. Whenever we are hit by some viral infection a mother’s recipe to cure would be a hot cup of tea with ginger, as it is believed to have the magic power to cure. What we didn’t know, is that a cup of tea works as a detoxifying agent in our body and several cups actually wash the germ away.

Apparently the herbal teas have lower concentration of antioxidants than white, black, green and oolong teas. This is not to say that herbal tea is less beneficial than the leaf variety, as it helps in weight management, and have been known to cure insomnia and of course the wonder drug in the terrible phases of a common cold.

The sustainability factor:

The environment friendly drink:

It is true that to produce almost 4+ million tons of tea leaves, there are a lot of hardships endured by the farmers. However, there are lots of interesting findings on tea production and its advantages that have surfaced in recent times. Under the expansive vegetation of tea plants, huge land is accessed for farming which provides the essential green belt for the hills. Land is affected far more in coffee plantation and other crops, whereas the tea plantations bring down the soil erosion in the slopes.

The old tea plants and the brewed leaves are used as natural manure, with abilities to kill germs. Dried tea leaves can get rid of fungal growth in cupboards and the used ones can magically absorb oil content in the utensils while cleaning them. The vast expansive land under the plantation of tea, keeps our mountains free from environmental pollution, while providing great help to the millions to earn their living.

Heavy studies have gone into calculating the carbon footprints of different variety of tea. Some studies have shown that, assuming the tea is made properly, the entire process becomes carbon neutral. In fact, there are some varieties that are carbon neutral. As in, some varieties of tea in fact aid the environment as the process of harvesting and then preparation of tea results in absorption of carbon dioxide. A study has shown that, on average, a cup of tea made properly contains 21g of CO2 if it’s black and 53g of CO2 if milk is added. In comparison, a large latte has 340g of CO2, a Coca Cola can has 129g and a cup of cow’s milk has 225g. This shows that tea consumption is actually helping the environment. But that is not all. The packaging of tea also determines how environment friendly it is. Some process of packaging might be frowned upon by the environmentalist. It’s simply an industry with cleansing affect.

We at The Tea Shelf are proud of our heritage and also align to this wonderful elixir of life for its manifold qualities and reach out to the mass with our very own personalized services. We realize that sustainable tea production can bring a smile of happiness to many lives. Our stride is to see a healthy and smiling world around us.

Mohua Roy

A travel blogger and an avid tea drinker

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