Teas from morning to night

cups of tea

With the many varieties of teas available in the markets these days, a tea lover can never stick to just one type. The right kind of tea can be chosen according to your mood, the meal you are having or as per the time of the day.

Here is a simple guide to finding the right tea for different times of the day.

Start your day with white tea: The nuanced flavours and the light subtle aromatic qualities are more prominent in the morning when the palette is still fresh. Drinking white tea before breakfast doesn’t tend to cause discomfort as compared to black tea or green tea.

Did you know: If you brew white tea in very hot water (about 200°F), it infuses a lot of caffeine making white tea the perfect morning cuppa.

Green tea before lunch: To boost metabolism or for some extra energy at noon, sip on green tea. It also aids in burning calories consumed at lunch. It is easy to adjust the flavour and bitterness of green tea. Use water of a lower temperature to make the tea less bitter or increase steep time to ensure depth of flavor.

Black tea for lunch: This type of tea helps cut through sweetness or oiliness of certain dishes and therefore making it the perfect tea to drink with lunch. Adding a dash of lemon juice to the black tea can aid in digestion.

Black tea has higher levels of caffeine as compared to white tea or green tea; therefore it will help keep you alert and awake post lunch.

Masala chai for an evening cuppa: India survives on cups of sweetened milk tea all through the day, but it’s the perfect cup of tea for the evening. The tannins present in tea help calm the body and revitalize it.

Chai tea also helps your body combat any inflammation especially when ingredients such as ginger and clove are added to the brew.

Oolong for a late evening tea: While oolong tea does still contain caffeine, it doesn’t seem to have the same buzzing, wakefulness effect more commonly associated with green or white tea.

Tea is a wonderful beverage and has endless possibilities for exploration. So buy the finest Indian tea of your choice and enlighten yourself and your body to the myriad of benefits of tea.

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