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Black tea is a completely oxidized tea. It’s ready within a day, and when brewed, gives us a bright orange liquor. These teas are withered, rolled, oxidized and dried before being sorted into various grades. They are also most widely used to make blends. Strong in flavour and aroma, these teas are ideally consumed plain or at times with a few drops of lime and honey . It is also a favourite for making iced brews.


White teas provide pale green or yellow liquor and are very delicate in flavour. Because it’s an unprocessed variety, its aroma is soft and sweet. They come in different colours – white, green and brown, because the leaves are simply plucked and left to wither naturally. If the withering process doesn’t start effectively, perhaps due to bad weather, the leaves are put into a gentle tumble dryer. The leaves are then allowed to take their own shape post withering.


Typically green or yellow in colour, the leaves of green tea are pan fried or steamed which imparts toasty or mild flavours, respectively. The leaves are plucked and then rolled and never oxidised. Heat is provided through pan frying or steaming, which stops the oxidization process by not allowing the enzymes to brown. They are shaped through curling, pressing down on the side of the wok or simple rolling and swirling in the heat until they are completely dry. One of the healthiest teas to drink for its anti-oxidant properties!


Oolong tea is rich in flavour and perfect for first time tea drinkers! It’s a long and labouring process to make this tea and is rolled and oxidized repeatedly. The oxidization process differs depending on how red or brown the leaves need to be. Due to the repeated oxidization process, the leaves are layered with a fragrant aroma and beautiful flavour. It’s a tea that somewhere in between a green and a black, and needs a lot of attention to reach the perfect final product.


A classification under Black Tea gets its name from the ‘crush, tear and curl’ method used to reach the end product. Developed during World War II, the leaves are not rolled, but pushed through cylindrical rollers with tiny spikes in them. The leaves brew very quickly and yields more cups than most others. The liquor is bright orange in color and ideally consumed with Milk and Sugar.


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