Tea Rituals from around the World

tea rituals

Craft a truly special tea experience for your guests by taking insights and inspiration from these cherished tea rituals. Throughout history, tea has played a crucial role in daily life all around the world, but tea rituals naturally developed in very different ways across different cultures. Now these fascinating tea rituals are shared and celebrated all around the world. You can gain a better understanding of your customers’ expectations by exploring Tea Rituals around the world.

China (Green tea)

The Chinese tea ceremony is the most ancient ceremony and plays a central role in Chinese culture. Green tea leaves are usually brewed several times. The first infusion is poured out immediately to wash the leaves, the second infusion is drunk and the cup is continuously topped up for further infusions. As the leaves unfold during each infusion, they give up different layers of aroma and flavours which are enjoyed by the host and participants.

Japan (Green tea)

The famous Japanese tea ceremony is performed to prepare, present and drink ‘matcha’ powdered green tea or less commonly green sencha tea. The ceremony is conducted in the tearoom which every traditional Japanese house has. Matcha is placed into a bowl and hot water added. The mixture is then whisked using a bamboo whisk known as a chasen. As Matcha can be bitter, it is traditionally served with a small wagashi sweet.

Russia (Black tea)

Tea drinking first became popular in Russia at the Czar palaces. Samovars, which are metal containers used for heating water can be found in almost every home. Today, a strong brew of tea is made in a teapot. A small amount of ‘strong brew’ is poured into a cup and topped up with water from the samovar.

Middle East (Black tea)

Across the Middle East, tea is traditionally brewed or gently boiled in a kettle and drunk in small glasses with plenty of sugar. In Turkey, a thick tea essence is made up each morning in a ‘top pot’ and used throughout the day. A small amount of the tea essence is put in a tea glass and topped up with water.

India (Black tea)

In India, tea is usually drunk with milk, an English custom which has remained as a testimony to the British colonial rule. It is boiled with sugar and strained through muslin.

Great Britain (Black tea)

Tea plays an important part in the British culture. Traditionally, black tea is brewed in a tea pot and served with a small amount of milk, with sugar on offer to sweeten if desired. High tea is an exciting typically British tradition built around tea which began in the 19th century and is still very successful today. It has now become a popular tea ritual in many countries.

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