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This white tea comes from the Chamraj Tea Estate, located in the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India. Nilgiri is one of my favourite growing regions, and I love a good tippy white tea, so I’m really excited to try this. The leaves are deep green and white fuzzy spears about a half inch long. I brew 1.5 teaspoons at 175° for three minutes.
The brewed tea smells beautifully floral and mildly fruity with a subtle underlying vanilla note. It’s largely floral and subtly mineral with a bitter finish. The taste is very subtle, so it’s more of an aromatic tea than a flavourful one.

My five minute second steep is again more aromatic than flavourful. It’s picked up a mild grassiness, adding to the subtle depth of the tea. It’s a very unique white tea, having little in common with most other tippy whites I’ve had.
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Something I really appreciate from tea companies is having a lot of buying options. The smallest option to get this tea (aside from in sampler sets, but then you have to get several teas) is 100 grams. I can go through 100 grams before it gets stale, but not everyone can. It also means that the smallest amount you can buy costs $41. $41 for 3.5 ounces of quality white isn’t unreasonable in the least, but it’s a lot to drop on a single tea. Personally, I’d rather buy about half that amount of each tea and have more variety in my order. That’s a minor company complaint, though, and it doesn’t affect my opinion or rating of this tea, just how likely I’d be to buy it. The tea overall is delicious and certainly unique enough to warrant at least getting yourself a sample pack.


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