Tea Review: Billimalai Long Ding Green Tea by Nikki Looman

billimalai long ding green tea

Okay. I admit. Lately I kind of got hooked on using instagram. It all started as a simple but useful program to edit my photos, but now it is turning into something more then that. On instagram you can’t only edit your own pics in a nice way, you can also take a look at other peoples nicely edited pictures and people can tell you how much they like your photos. But the thing I love the most, is that there’s a whole instagram tea-community! People whom are, just like myself, in love with tea. But they are living in all the corners of the world. And all those people stay in touch with each other via insta. Companies are also very well represented on instagram, and through instagram I came in contact with “the Tea Shelf”. They were looking for people to taste and review their tea, and of course I can’t say no to that.

billimalai long ding green teaA couple of mails were written and send, and last Thursday I got this email from my contact person in India that the package with samples was sent. Now, I’ve gotten a lot of overseas package, and they tend to take so much time that most of the times I’ve forgotten about it when the mailman rings my bell. Up to last week, Friday I came home from work, a bit tired, and to my excitement a DHL-van pulled up to the house! That’s always a good sign. Once I got the package into my hands, I came to the conclusion that it was the package from the Tea Shelf, all the way from India! It arrived to my doorstep in less than 3 days! In the same haste I opened the package and 8 samples sacs came rolling out. 6 of the samples were from this year, amazing. You don’t get your tea this fresh very often.

billimalai long ding green

After I got over my excitement a little bit, I opened the sacs one by one. To check the tea and take a quick sniff to smell them. The third to open was a bag of green tea. I couldn’t believe what I saw. This green tea looked so amazing and beautiful. They looked like tiny needles, and from experience I know that the most gorgeous tea leaves come out of these little needles. I quickly took a picture to put on instagram, and then I ran into the kitchen to put up some water.

billimalai long ding green tea

On the bags is a very clear description of when the tea was plucked, where, what you can expect from the tea, and when it is best to drink it. They also tell you at what temperature you best can let the tea steep and for how long. It’s ideal to see this all in just one view. The tea was steeped pretty quickly and however the dry leaves have a very strong scent, the flavor is extremely soft en intriguing. I can keep on drinking it.

billimalai long ding green teaAs expected the leaves will change color during steeping. Where they have a dark green color when dry, they turn into a vibrant en gorgeous green after steeping. Unfortunatelly it’s hard to take a picture of this fascinating process because of all the steam. But if I ever am able to take such a pic you’ll surely see it on instagram.

Tea review by Nikki Looman, you could read the tea review in Dutch here

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