Tea Review: Billimalai Long Ding Green by LoveForTea

billimalai long ding green tea
Description of Tea

The dry leaves are narrow, flattened olive-green tea buds, about 2.5cm – 4cm in length. The aroma is earthy, nutty and sweet, with an elegant appeal.

Infused Tea/Unique Characteristics

The smooth buds infuse alight greenish-yellow liquor that is refreshing, smooth andaromatic. The flavor isdelicate, clean, sweet andvegetal, with mild astringency and a pleasing finish. The beautiful crisp mineral taste, underscored with mild floral aroma, gives it an intriguingearthy taste.


2.5 gms of leaves were infused in 250 ml pre-boiled water (80 C) in a porcelain teapot for a minute. I got two balanced infusions from the serving that were both subtle and persistent in taste.

Billimalai Long Ding celebrates the “Kai Hua Long Ding” of China. Native to Kaihua County inZhejiang, which falls under ‘Gold Triangle of Green Tea’ region, it is one of China’s  most exquisite and distinctive teas. The Indian version from the Nilgiris is a fine tea and it’s pleasant, flavourful and relaxing taste can make it an instant favorite with many tea drinkers.

Flush/Season – Winter flush, 2015
Grade – Long Ding Green
Region – Nilgiris
Website – www.theteashelf.com
Twitter – @TheTeaShelf15
Rating – 3.6/5

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