Tea – Just A Beverage?

tea party

Ever since I was a little chubby girl, I remember that every time a guest came to our house, they were offered tea. This is a common practice in most Indian households, which no one questions. However, if we were to go back in time, and not offer that small gesture of hospitality, I wonder if the chats would have been that spicy and the times so memorable. The guest, dare I say, would feel rather unwelcome in our humble abode.

As one sits by the window, on a rather chilly afternoon watching as the rain splashes on the gravel, I could not imagine them sitting there without a cup of tea in hand. The afternoon would feel lonely, depressing and plain out cold without that lil old cup of tea to warm them up.

Tea is a beverage which not only quenches your thirst and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it also brings people together without an occasion. Be it a social gathering with friends or a family get together or a corporate appointment. Regardless of political opinions, religious beliefs, and their status in society, every individual is sure to find common ground when it comes to basking in a cup of delightful tea.

Just imagine if you would have to go about your usual routine before having your daily favorite cup of tea in the morning. Not only, would your day be rather dull and seem monotonous but without that cup of tea relaxing, refreshing, relieving and activating your mind and soul, you would not be able to function efficiently!

Tea being an aromatic beverage, it not only captures our taste buds but also our olfactory sense organ. Each tea has a unique aroma, which is capable of driving you away from the world, even if just for a second.

After this all, if you were still to say that well tea is not my cup of tea; then I promise you that it is just because you haven’t found your perfect match yet. We here at The Tea Shelf offer you a wide variety of glorious teas which will explode on your taste buds and fill your mind with an aroma which will help you kick start your hectic day ahead.

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