Tea etiquette from around the world

tea etiquette

Tea has gained popularity in the entire world over the last few centuries and the brew is enjoyed differently around the world and the etiquette of drinking tea also differ from country to country. So before you head to any of these countries, understand their norms and share the love for tea.

Turkey: As locals can consume dozens of cups a day, black tea is usually served in small, curved glasses. The Tea or Çay is always of a rasping orange colour, and always had without the clouding of milk, you could however add sugar.


Before you add milk or sugar to your tea, remember to taste it in its purest form (the Japanese way).


Never carry a teacup without a saucer and after stirring the tea; place the spoon on the saucer right behind your cup.


Don’t stir your tea, the leaves floating on top are meant to stay dry.


If the shopkeeper offers you tea, finish it before talking business.


Gently tap your fingers on the table to say thank you. Two taps is the norm, because it symbolizes a repeated bow.


Enjoy the unique tea ceremony of the East Frisians (ethnic group native to the coastal parts of the Netherlands and Germany). Pieces of rock sugar are placed at the bottom of a cup, black tea is poured over it and cream or milk are added on top with a special spoon. The layers meant to be enjoyed as is without stirring. The spoon in placed in your cup at the end of your tea.

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