Summer Lovin’ & Iced Tea

iced tea

Summer is settling in and the days are getting hot and humid. Nothing sounds better than a cool refreshing drink during these days. And nothing tastes better than a tall glass of iced tea. Iced tea made with loose-leaf tea is a gastronomic delight. The best technique for making iced tea is the “cold brew”. Read about the origin of iced teas. Here are some ways to make your favourite iced drink more fun.

Throw in fruits and herbs

Mix in fresh fruits and herbs to get a natural taste in your iced tea. An infuser will keep the ingredients separate from your tea to prevent any loose leaves to mix in with the iced tea.

Try the Orange Mint Iced Tea made with loose leaf green tea

Jazz up your ice cubes

Instead of infusing loose herbs, fruits and spices into your iced tea, try infusing fruity ice cubes made before. Just Add the fruit juice and herbs ad freeze in an ice tray. The ice cubes will gradually melt into your drink and increasingly boost the taste of your iced tea. Get creative with your combinations, and feel free to add in extra fruits for additional deliciousness.

Try the Rosemary Assam Iced Tea – Add rosemary to your ice tray with water and let it melt into your drink.

Make it sweeter

Take your iced tea to a new level with a 2-3 spoonfuls of condensed milk. The Thai Black Iced Tea is refreshing, sweet and absolutely delicious.

Spike it

It’s the beginning of summer and you’ve got a busy year ahead of you. Go ahead and make that iced tea that you’re sippin’ on during your day off worth it. Add your choice of shot into the iced tea.

Our favourite has to be a Mojito and when mixed with green tea, it just feels like a healthier choice.

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