Serendipi-TEA (For the Health Conscious)

serendipitea health conscious

The day begins with the kettle swiftly set to boil over a bright azure flame. The sense of time is urgent as the day begins and people have to get ready to be on their way. The welcome whistle of the kettle awakens our subconscious as preparations are overridden by the dire need for tea. A minute is set aside to stumble about and make the final measurements for the heavenly healthy cup of tea.

The nature’s “wonder drug” is not important for its taste alone, but also the health benefits that are tied along with this ancient drink. Several studies have proven that drinking green tea and herbal teas aid the process of digestion as they contain high amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols. It relieves stomach gas and flatulence. Perhaps that’s why it is very common in the Chinese culture to consume jasmine flavored herbal tea after a meal, which not only cleanses the palate, but also aids in the complete digestion of the food.

The antioxidant in this beverage reduces the rate of aging process and improves regeneration of cells. Maybe this is the secret behind the excessively growing population in India and China!

Tea is shown to be healthier than plain water as it keeps our bodies hydrated and at the same time, provides antioxidants as well as a moderate amount of caffeine that is suitable for body intake.

Tea is also known to improve our concentration and relieve our mental tiredness as it contains amino acid and theanine. So when you feel exhausted and think that your mind could not possibly do anymore thinking, then a hot cuppa tea ought to do the trick.

It is highly recommended for a patient with high blood pressure to drink half a cup of green tea to decrease the risk of hypertension. Tea also reduces the risk of heart attack ad stroke as it prevents the formation of dangerous blood clots, which could cause a myocardial infraction.

One should never have to worry about the calorie intake while indulging in a cup of tea (unless its loaded with sugar) as it gives a morning boost without causing any potential weight gain.

So in conclusion, we can safely assure you that tea improves mental and physical health and also provides preventive measures for illness and diseases.

“Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary.”


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