Zesty Lemon Tea

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Lemon with black tea is nothing short of a classic. The cut pieces of lime on a bed of well twisted leaves only give you a sense of something fresh. The blend brews a bright orange liquor that engulfs the environment with its citrusy aroma. A perfect cup to curl up with after a long day, this refreshing tangy brew will only keep you coming back for more. A lemon tea blend always serves as great iced tea blend as well.


2 reviews for Zesty Lemon Tea

  1. Suzanne Chacko

    a nice tangy tea. i tried to cold brew it for lemon iced tea and it was great. the first batch was a little bitter maybe cause i oversteeped it., but the second batch was just right, with a dollop of honey.

  2. Reshma Mahajan

    my tea tin got damaged in shipping. but the tea was really nice!

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