Winter Forest Green Tea

winter forest green tea
nilgiri green tea
winter forest green tea
winter forest green tea leaf
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The Nilgiri region is renowned for its winter flush teas and this green tea from the blue mountains is true to its type. The leaves, with an earthy whiff, have a military look along side some white tippy buds, another characteristic of the winter flush teas in South India. Once infused, the leaves a give lime green liquor with vegetal flavours and a honey finish. A refreshing cup to indulge in at anytime of the day.


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Qty of Tea: 1tsp/cup

Time: 3 Mins

Water Temperature: 60-85 °C/ 145-185 °F

Best Brewed: Hot

Tea Type: Green Tea

Region: Nilgiri

Flush / Season: Winter Flush


Caffeine: Medium

Strength: Weak

Best Had: Anytime of the Day

Feels: Refreshing

Best Accompanied With: Lemon

Leaf: Well turned leaves; white, tippy buds; vegetal, subtle lime nose

Infusion: Olive green; Earthy nose

Liquor: Very light green; subtle, earthy, honey finish



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