Wellness Teas Sampler

wellness tea sampler set


Give a boost to your overall health and wellbeing naturally with these wellness teas. Each sample makes about 4-5 cups of tea. This set includes 10gms each of: 

Chamomile Mint Tea- The splendid soothing properties of chamomile and mint make this tea a great one to unwind with.

Lavender Rosemary Tea – A wonderful lavender blend, which destresses like no other! The lavender is beautifully complimented with rosemary and mint leaves.

Tulsi Moringa Tea – A popular one from the wellness collection, this tea comes packed with the goodness of tulsi and moringa leaves. A great tea to detox with.

Lemongrass Ginger Tea- The freshness of lemongrass and the spicy warmth of ginger makes this tea a herbal delight. TTS recommends trying this one iced as well!

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