The Green Odyssey Box


Rs.1,500.00 Rs.1,050.00

Dodge the worries of a perfect gift with this box of fresh green teas, because a little bit of health is always welcomed.

The box contains 30GM each of

Winter Forest Green – A quintessential winter flush Nilgiri Green Tea

Original Matcha – The smooth vegetal notes and clean finish make this super tea powder ideal for beginners to Matcha.

Hojicha Dark Roast Tea – With the whiff of roasted cocoa and a light coffee finish this one is indulgence at its best.

Classic Summer Green Tea – Well twisted emerald green leaves with earthy, vegetal flavors.

Chamomile Green Tea – A popular bedtime tea great to keep in your nightstand.

Rose Tulsi Tea- A herbal delight infused with the mighty tusli, we sure love this one!


Box Dimensions: 3.25″H x 8″W x 11.5″L

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