Talayar Hand Rolled Black Tea

talayar nilgiri black tea
talayar nilgiri black tea
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These limited edition teas are crafted by hand by selective picking and gentle processing, resulting in exquisite teas with the right twist and form. A knobbly gnarly look with peaks of silver and the odd bright green, they have gentle hints of spice when infused. The tea completely blossoms into individual leaves without any signs of wear or tear; the magic of hand rolled. This is indicative of the care taken in the picking and processing of these teas. The golden liquor captures the delicate floral character, and broad brush strokes of spice, particularly pepper. These teas are an embodiment of tea in its finest form from this region.


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At an elevation 6000 feet and dropping down to  4500 feet. The estate is situated in the picturesque Kannan Devan hills. Established in 1885 the tea planting in the area commenced in 1912 and still retains the china variety which is known for its quality.


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