Ode To Tea Box

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Spoil yourself or another tea lover with this curated box of the best of each tea variety.

The box contains 30GM each of:

Assam Golden Tips – A signature second flush black tea from Assam.

Virgin Green Tea – A fresh green tea to perk up your senses and leave you rejuvinated.

Heritage Silver Oolong – A specialty oolong tea with inherent rich and spicy aroma.

Dancing Moonlight White Tea – A refreshing tea with light notes of freshly cut green apple and a lingering taste of “fresh green stew”.

Masala Chai – The evergreen combination of chai and aromatic spices.

Kashmiri Kahwa – This one is our spin on the classic kashmiri kahwa. A rich malty cup with a sweet jam aftertaste.


Box Dimensions: 3.25″H x 8″W x 11.5″L

Out of stock

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