Lemongrass Ginger Tea

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This might be a perfect cooler on a hot sultry day. The coppery spindles of tea, mixed with the refreshing lemongrass, warm ginger and spicy pepper, brew a fine orange liquor. The cup, with its exhilarating aroma of citrus along with soothing herbal nose, takes you right back to your rejuvenating day at the spa. This blend is a highly refreshing tea with a delicate lemon taste, hints of spice and a herbal aftertaste. Hot or cold, this spicy fresh ginger tea is an absolute delight on the palate.



1 review for Lemongrass Ginger Tea

  1. rohan sabharwal

    its a nice and refreshing tea. i made a cold brew iced tea and it turned out well. thank you for the 2 free samples with my tea.

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