Glendale Nilgiri Black

glendale black tea
glendale black tea
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Nature plays the flavourer for this beautiful tea! Bold chunks of chocolate mixed with some silver buds from the blue mountains, this tea when infused surrounds you with the aroma of jasmine oil. A very young and brisk brew, the delicate jasmine flavour is followed by a lingering spicy aftertaste.


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Glendale, means a Valley within a valley. Over the years, Glendale tea is renowned for offering a range of unique teas. Glendale Estate comprises of 3 Gardens constituting a total planted area of 525 hectares [1 hectare = 2.47 acres], with a production capacity exceeding 3,000 kg per hectare and it produces a cumulative total in excess of 1.50 million kg of made tea every year. All the estates have a thriving eco-system, nurtured with passion and care. Technology is pervasive, without affecting the essential characteristics that makes Glendale teas so special. Modern techniques ensure that the bushes are always in prime condition. Plucked tea leaves are processed in the factories located in the gardens, ensuring freshness, quality and consistency. Vacuum packaging ensures that the tea you drink is garden fresh.



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