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Celebrate the joy of gifting with 6 handcrafted crafted blends, beautifully packed in this rustic finish chest box.

The box contains 30gms each of:

Lavender Rosemary Black Tea- A blend which de-stresses like no other!  A calming tea with fragrant lavender and the freshness of herbs.

Spiced Rose Chai- The perfect blend to brew a hot cup of rich Rose Latte! The sprinkle of rose petals gives an exciting twist to the usual masala chai.

Lemongrass Ginger Black Tea- A very refreshing tea with hints of spice and a freshness from lemongrass. A perfect cooler on a hot sultry day.

An assortment of 12 Teabags with below teas:

Jasmine Green Tea- A soulful cup of green tea well complimented by the highly fragrant, yet subtly sweet notes of  natural jasmine blossoms.

Chamomile Green Tea- The perfect tea to relax your body and mind. Indulge in the soothing cup before a good night’s sleep.

Rose Tulsi Green Tea- Rose Tulsi Green Tea- A fragrant cup to indulge in anytime. The sweet floral notes of rose petals is well complemented by refreshing tulsi.


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