Palate cleansing & tea

So one of the things we don’t see people talking about so much is palate cleansers, or generally other things to eat/drink at the same time as tea – when you go on a tea drinking spree or when you are asked to taste various flavours of tea.

Much like wine tasting, or smelling different scents of fragrances, a palate cleanser is sometimes essential to be able to switch from one item to the other and not cross over the flavours or aromas. To palate cleanse simply means removing residuals in your mouth to enhance your tasting experience. Some tea tasters do not feel the need to cleanse their palate when moving from tea to tea to sip. However, for us, we find it simple to differentiate complex tastes and flavours and other innate qualities after we’ve cleansed our taste buds. Cleansing the palette is simple and here are a few of our go to items to help with the process between teas.

1. Citrus fruits (Orange)
2. Unsalted Crackers
3. Water! Yes, good old water.
4. Light Cheese

These items are quite effective because neither have strong competing flavours. Their neutral flavour elements reset the palate perfectly when we are jumping between teas and they don’t usually leave a lingering taste that mixes in with a tea. We also enjoy the convenience of being able to just throw them into my pocket or bag and carry around through tastings as they are typically in small packaging.

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