Pairing Tea & Food

tea pairing

These days, pairing tea with food food is as important as knowing how to pick a bottle of wine for a delicious meal. The art of pairing tea with food has evolved over the years. Pick the right tea and the culinary experience can be a real delight.

Choosing the tea that goes with your food can be overwhelming experience because of the numerous aromas and flavours. So we put together a basic guide that can help you find the perfect pairing.  

White Tea

Because of the extremely subtle flavours of white tea, we recommend pairing it with only the mildest of flavours. The natural sweetness of the beverage can be missed when paired with strong food flavours.

To taste the floral bouquet of the Chamraj Nilgiri White or the minty-ness of the Billimalai Nilgiri White pair it with a lightly dressed vegetable salad or a grilled fish.

Green Tea

Green tea has a subtle vegetative flavour, so it pairs best with seafood, fish or chicken.

The lemony flavours found in the Abali Organic Green or the Billimalai Virgin Green can be further enhanced when paired with cucumber sandwiches, fish or seafood dishes.

Pair the Billimalai Nilgiri Green with white chocolate to enhance the natural honey flavours.

The Billimalai Long Ding celebrates the “Kai Hua Long Ding” of China, the earthy and smoky characteristics of the tea helps remove the greasy feeling that some foods tend to leave behind. So pair it with chickens – grilled, roasted or stir-fried.

Oolong Tea

The oolong tea characteristics range between the green and black tea variety. The complex aromas can be paired with a wide range of foods.  Oolong tea, such as the Billimalai Nilgiri Oolong is a dark and mature tea and can be paired with a variety of meaty dishes. Pair it with pancakes and maple syrup and it enhances the strong tea flavour.

On the other hand, the Glendale Nilgiri Oolong has soft and delicate flavours of cinnamon and honey and works best with fruits and fruit salads.

Black Tea

Black tea has a more robust flavour and aroma and is well suited for full-flavoured foods such as meats and spicy dishes (think Chicken Butter Masala)

Darjeeling teas such as the Thurbo Moonlight work well with creamy dishes such as carbonara or creamy Indian chicken dishes.

The Halmari Clonal Assam Black has citrus notes and works will with chocolate desserts. The Mokalbari East Assam Black and Langarjhan Assam Black are refreshing teas with malty flavours that go perfectly with custards and creamy desserts.

Moving down south to the Glendale Nilgiri Black with notes of jasmine go well with Asian flavours.

Tea is versatile and can be paired with a variety of foods, use our suggestions above and experiment to find your new pairing. Let your palate be the guide to discovering the perfect balance of food and tea.

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