Music Mondays, Episode 01

music mondays

“Monday comes slowly I feel a bit out of touch…”

And so begins the track by Parekh & Singh, presumably echoing how most of us feel!

This Kolkata based dream pop duo is made up of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Nischay Parekh and percussionist/producer Jivraj Singh . They recently went international and signed with the mammoth U.K. indie label Peace Frog Records, and this track ‘ I love you baby, I love doll’ is their shiny new release!!

“We’re friends, enemies, neighbours, brothers. We wrestle, play table tennis, make music, eat, think, roam the streets,” says Jivraj of their instant musical connection, which sprung from a shared experience as dreamers working in offices — Jivraj keeping books at his family hotel and Nischay as an accountant for his father’s business. “The partnership is part of a continuum of shared experience that we almost don’t need to think about.”

“I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll” is a part of ‘Ocean’ the duo’s soon-to-be-released (28 October 2016 to be precise) debut LP on the aforementioned Peacefrog Records.

This folksy song is sweet without being saccharine, and its mellow vibes capture the bittersweet experience of a youthful love. It is perhaps this aspect that makes this track a perfect companion for a steaming cup of tea. Monday mornings are dull, and rainy Monday morning more so. There is no other way to say it. However, with the right pick-me-up, it can turn your day around and kick-start a great week!

We began our work week here at The Tea Shelf Headquarters with ‘I love you baby, I love you doll’ and a perfectly brewed cup of Castleton Darjeeling Black Tea. The refreshing brew is mellow and smooth with a hint of muscatel briskness, and slight biscuity notes, and the soulful notes have driven away the Monday blues and has everyone grooving at their desks!

You can listen to the entire album here:


They haven’t updated much on Soundcloud yet but follow them anyway, since it’s a matter of time and the easiest way to access their music!


Tastes are personal and while you can sip on whatever you like, if you’d like suggestions on teas to pair with this playlist, here are our top 3 picks:

  1. Castleton Darjeeling Black Tea
  2. Organic Rose Green Tea
  3. Glendale Nilgiri Oolong Tea

Brew that cup, settle at your desk and crank up the volume! Have a great Monday!

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Author: Medha Kulkarni

Medha Kulkarni is a writer and illustrator based out of Germany. You can see more of her work here.

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