Mom, Me & Tea

mothers day

It seems like only yesterday that I was helping all my stuffed animals settle down on chairs around the pretty pink table, before I went and invited my mother to share a cup of tea and indulge in the delicious English muffins. It is needless to say that these monthly tea parties of mine were a huge hit as I ranted on about little nothings in my pretentious posh accent with artificial pearls around my neck as my Mum sat patiently across me, listening with a soft smile on her lips.

More than a decade has passed since, and my heart floods with love, as I admit that nothing much has changed since then. Sure, my stuffed animals are long gone and can no longer eavesdrop on our conversation, but that serene cup of tea still remains with us as the two of us catch-up. The air sings with our laughter and bubbly chats as we enjoy each other’s presence over that cup of Assam Chai. The moments we share with each other are never bland but as flavorsome as the tea we are sipping.

         “A mother is like a tea bag. Its only when she’s in hot water that you realize how strong she is.”

So here’s a cup of tea to say thank you to all those incredible mothers out there who sacrifice everything to make sure that our cup is always half full- and never half empty.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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