Make yourself some tea.

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Water is known as the element of life. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. This makes water even more important – without it, you can’t make tea! Most of the world’s tea comes from India. It’s no surprise then that it is the beverage of choice here.

Tea’s popularity also lends it a certain ubiquity – you’ll find it everywhere. It’s served on our roads in stalls, in expensive tea rooms (even coffee shops would you believe?) and also in our homes. For many people, it’s part of daily life and isn’t even something that bears thinking about. For others, there’s more to it than just a bit of caffeine.

The word ‘connoisseur’ comes from the French word ‘connaître’, which means ‘to know’. And there are people who are in the know about tea. They don’t just drink it, they experience it. If this sounds even vaguely familiar to you, it’s because of the age that we are in.

You could argue that this is the age of information. There’s a lot of information – yes, but a lot of it is garbage. Millions and millions of words are just out there. You’re reading more even now! No, information is good, but what really defines our age is connoisseurship. Think about it. These days people write at length about everyday things like connoisseurs of a fine wine would. You have lengthy discussions and articles on things like mobile phones, clothing (even designer jeans), pens, watches, selfies and who knows what else. What could be more everyday than the ubiquitous cup of tea?

Except, a fine tea is hardly an ordinary thing. Think of the colour. Think of the aroma. Imagine it. And then think of the taste. Did you close your eyes? If you did, you’ve obviously had enough of reading. Go on, make yourself some tea!


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