India’s Tea Production: 2014

indian tea production

The Tea Board’s final production shows India continued its record breaking tea production in 2014. In the year 2013, India produced 1.2 billion kgs of tea. 2014 saw a marginal increase to 1.207 billion kgs. 

Production in North Indian in 2014 increased by 1% in 2014 from 958.62 million kgs to to 965.20 million kgs. Assam being the highest producer of tea at 610.97 million kgs (2% less than 2013, when the production was 621.87 million kgs).

West Bengal was second with a production of 329.46 million kgs – up by five per cent from 2013. Darjeeling was the highest producer of tea in West Bengal with a production of 8.51 million kgs.

In South India, the production marginally increased from 241.79 million kgs in 2013 to 242.11 million kgs in 2014. Tamil Nadu production was 169.79 million kgs, 2% less than 2013. While, Kerala saw an increase of four per cent in production to reach 65.58 million kgs from 62.84 million kgs.

tea production india

tea production

Source: Hindu Business Line

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