Iced Hibiscus Green Tea Recipe

Sun-kissed mornings, bright sunny days, rising temperature and the temptation to reach out for an iced cold fizzy drink…that about sums up the onset of summers. Well, we say you give the sugary fizzy drinks a miss and quench your thirst with some delicious yet healthy coolers during the sultry summers. 

Iced Orange Hibiscus Green Tea

Our Hibiscus Cinnamon Green Tea is the star of this easy recipe. The tanginess from the hibiscus and the citrus from orange makes this one the ultimate refreshing beverage this summer. Not to forget the many benfits of hibiscus, like relief from digestive and inflamatory problems.


  • 4 Tsp Hibiscus Cinnamon Green Tea
  • 4 cups Hot water
  • 4 Cups Cold Water
  • 1 sliced Orange


  • Steep the loose leaf tea in hot water for about 5 mins.
  • Strain the steeped tea over ice in a container and allow it to cool.
  • Transfer the cooled tea to a pitcher and mix with 4 cups cold water and sliced orange.
  • Refrigerate and serve

Try out this recipes to deliciously hydrate yourself all day long.

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