How To Use An Infuser


To brew a proper pot of tea, you should try to use a tea infuser filled with loose leaf tea or herbs instead of tea bags. Tea infusers are available in many sizes starting from individual cups of tea to large pots of tea and they are very easy to use.

Spoon-style Infusers
  • Fill your teacup or pot with fresh hot water.
  • Open the scoop part of the spoon infuser by pressing on the metal clasp that holds its halves together.
  • Insert loose tea leaves or herbal teas into the scoop and secure it by clasping the two halves.
  • Place the infuser into the cup or pot and let sit until the tea has brewed to the desired strength.
Using a Tea Ball
  • Unscrew the two halves of the tea ball from each other.
  • Fill half of the tea ball with the loose leaf tea. Some tea leaves expand more than others, so keep that in mind when using this apparatus.
  • Screw the two halves of the tea ball back together. Place it in a pot or cup filled with hot water.
  • Pull the tea ball out once your tea has brewed to the desired strength. Most tea balls have a chain you can drape over the side of the pot. This makes retrieving the ball easy. If your tea ball has no chain to retrieve it, use a spoon.
Mesh-style Infusers
  • Fill a pot or cup with hot water.
  • Make sure your mesh-style or drop-in tea infuser fits the container you’ve chosen for brewing tea. It should sit on or in the rim of the container, with the mesh basket submerged in the hot water. The larger the infuser, the larger the container it’s meant for brewing in.
  • Put loose tea leaves or herbs in the infuser. Make sure the tea or herbs are completely submerged in hot water.
  • Let the infuser sit in the hot water until the tea has brewed to the desired strength. Once the tea is ready, remove the infuser to prevent over brewing.

Don’t have an infuser? Try using a french press to brew your cup of tea.

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