Guide : Tea Flavours for Cooking

cooking with tea

The flavours and aromas of tea adds to the gastronomical experience of food. Chefs and home cooks all over the world are experimenting with marrying these two elements. Tea flavours are subtle and compliments many ingredients that we use in our daily cooking.

Tea as an ingredient can be used in many ways – and we put together a guide on different types of tea and the flavour it carries (yes, we are generalising a bit just for convenience).

Black teas are bold with full, strong flavours. The flavours that you can find in black tea are chocolate, malt, apples & honey. Some have a floral flavour, but that also depends on the region it is being grown in. Teas grown in the Nilgiri region of India have a flowery fragrance ranging from jasmine to lavender.

Green Teas from India are fairly mellow with earthy flavours and aroma. Some green teas also have a vegetal character with flavours of beans & pepper.

White teas are typically mild with delicate flavours and extremely fresh with flavours of spearmint.

Oolong teas are complex teas and the flavour range varies widely. Looking at just one tea, the Uper Fagu from Darjeeling have flavours of the mountains, citrus and jasmine and the aroma of dark chocolate. Oolong teas.

There are many ways to use tea as a food ingredient. Follow our Tea Recipe blog for ideas that you can try at home.




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