French Press Your Tea

French press tea brewing

The tea brewing techniques are as varied as the types of tea. The opinion on the ‘best method’ for brewing tea differs from person to person. From yixing pots to gaiwan, to using different types of pots and kettles. The most modern technique and fuss free way of brewing tea, is by using The French Press.

Like many things with tea, there is a secret to using it and it is easy to get it wrong. The French press, originally created for coffee has found its way in to the tea world. A fun read: the innovation of the French Press

How to use a French Press?
  • Put the loose tea leaves into the press first
  • Boil water to the required temperature on a stove or kettle
  • Pour the water over the tea leaves in the press. The water will help open up the leaves and spread them out in the press
  • Steep it for as long as you like, or follow our brewing guide for the different kinds of tea
  • Plunge and pour out the freshly brewed tea
Why use a French Press?
  • Most French presses are made of glass, so you get to experience the brewing. See the leaves unfurl, the colour of the water change, use the plunger, and see the tea leaves dance.
  • The French press is very easy to clean – simply spray a small amount of water into the press to loosen up the leaves and strain out the water and leaves. Alternatively, you can always pour of the used tea leaves into houseplants and gardens for composting.

The simple yet unique and elegant way of brewing tea is quickly gaining popularity amongst tea lovers around the world. Would you use a French press to brew your tea?

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