Delightful Uses For Tea You Haven’t Tried Yet

uses for tea

Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. Surprisingly enough, tea is a commodity, which can be used in several other ways than to just making a cup of tea. Here is a list of how you can use it to make your life much simpler.

  1. It relieves painful sunburns! Make a very strong batch of black tea and allow it to cool. Apply with a dipped cloth and leave for 15 minutes at a time for pain relief and to help make the burn disappear faster.
  2. Green tea helps soothe and purify inflammation. Brew a cup and dip cotton swabs into the cooled liquid to apply to sensitive and acne-prone skin. It’s a wonderful and cost-effective alternative to toner, don’t you think?
  3. Plant a garden! Tea leaves sprinkled into the soil and around the roots are a great natural fertilizer and help plants absorb moisture.
  4. Prepare the perfect steak. Simply add black tea o your favorite marinade mixture. The tea will also enrich your meat with an earthy flavor.
  5. Peppermint tea makes a refreshing and effective mouthwash. A cooled cup—strengthened as you wish—contains natural menthol and antiseptics that help relieve inflammation and sore gums.
  6. Takes care of tired feet. Soak your feet in a warm bath of black tea. Let them rest for half an hour to remove odors and rejuvenated tired, sore feet.
  7. Shine and mite away! Use tea water to polish furniture made of wood or bamboo. The shine is just one of the benefits. The tea will also deter bugs and mites.
  8. Kill dust mites by spraying diluted black tea over your carpet. (Make sure to spot test this to avoid staining.)
  9. Tea provides speedy relief to an ivy rash. Instead of bathing in calamine lotion after a poison ivy rash begins to itch, make a strong cup of tea and dip a cotton ball in the brew. Dab it on the area and let it air dry. (Obviously, do this after properly cleaning the area with soap and water to remove all those nasty oils from the poison ivy!)
  10. No more foul smells! Mix used green tea leaves in your cat’s litter box to control those stubborn odors.

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Since we know now how important tea actually is; one simply has to make sure that they do not leave the house without it.

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