Cinnamon Goodness


Sweet, soothing, spicy, and a little bit exotic… that sums up this beautiful ingredient in a few words.

Cinnamon is a fragrant spice, which comes from the inner bark of a tropical tree. Once dried, it curls into quills that are used to add a warm, distinctive flavor and aroma to a variety of dishes, be it savory or sweet, and of course, tea!

A versatile and much loved ingredient, cinnamon is widely used in mixed spices in dishes originating from Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

Is adding cinnamon to tea a good idea?

The flavor of cinnamon is a natural compliment to a cup of hot tea. With its spicy-sweet goodness, it brings to your cup of tea a flavor explosion, and boy does it taste good! It lends a subtle sweetness to the tea, which cuts back the need for any additional sugar, for those who prefer sweetened tea. And the fact that cinnamon helps to cut belly fat and control blood sugar, well those added benefits may just be the reason to try this brew. A cup of hot cinnamon tea also helps the mind and body relax. No wonder it’s often said cinnamon tea is much more effective than a sleeping pill.

However, all those expectant mothers out there, this might be a cup to avoid during pregnancy.

Is any cinnamon good cinnamon?

Choose the best! While Ceylon Cinnamon is considered better than Cassia cinnamon, any cinnamon used needs to be fresh. Ground cinnamon has a stronger aroma than whole sticks, but if either type does not smell sweet it is past its best and should be discarded. Freshly ground cinnamon — ground by our own hand in your own kitchen — retains all its essential oils and nutrients as well as its depth of flavor. If you buy it fresh, and grate it yourself, you won’t believe the difference in taste!

So how do we add cinnamon to our tea?

One can either add ground cinnamon powder to their cup of brewed tea, or simply add a cinnamon stick to their tea while brewing. Since the flavor of cinnamon is distinctive and strong, a small pinch of it goes a long way.

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