Chocola-tea: The Trendiest Food Pairing

chocolate and tea

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the trend of pairing tea with food. Today we pair different teas grown in the different regions of the world with chocolate. Yes, chocolate, we bet most of you’ll didn’t know this but tea pairs quite beautifully with chocolate.

Tea and chocolates can be paired in various ways. You can combine similar characteristics of the two,  or you could even pair the contrasting flavours- they can be a sweet surprise if done right. Pairing complimentary or compatible characteristics flavours that may not necessarily be the same works nicely together as well.

As a general rule pair dark chocolates with black teas or a Darjeeling tea and green teawhite tea & oolong tea with white chocolate or a light milk chocolate.

We’ve gone ahead and done a few little tests ourselves and here is what we got – lots of tea & yummy chocolates.

We loved the combination of a milky white chocolate and masala chai made with Assam Black Tea. The white chocolate was mellow to the contrasting spicy hit of the tea. Learn how to make the perfect masala chai and try this combination soon.

The earthy flavours of the Billimalai Long Ding Green Tea and the bitterness of my favourite Lindt Dark Chocolate was a truly rich feeling. This is the combination that I personally want to keep going back to.

The most surprising result was a caramel filled milk chocolate with a strong cup of Halmari Clonal Assam Black. The tea, interlaced with complex citrus flavours, balances the sweet and creamy caramel textures of the chocolate. Simply divine!

So brew yourself a perfect cup of tea, get out your favourite chocolate and take you palate on a sinful journey.

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