Teashelf Bestsellers

  • Tea Filter Bags – 25pcs

    Steep your loose leaf teas with ease with these filter bags

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  • Assam Golden Tips Tea

    A signature second flush from Assam with an unmistaken toasty nose and a delightful sweet finish.

    5.00 out of 5
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  • Chamomile Green Tea

    Often called a bedtime tea, this blend of green tea and chamomile flowers is great to keep in your night stand.

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  • Bedtime Bundle

    A chamomile tea combo for a good night’s sleep

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  • Ever Green Box

    A gift of 4 special green teas to celebrate timeless memories

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  • English Breakfast Tea

    A classic tea to compliment your breakfast, this is a brisk, medium bodied cup with a delightful honey after taste.

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  • Fennel Turmeric Tea

    A beautiful blend of fennel and turmeric, this tea is helpful for digestion and is a great source of antioxidants.

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  • Golden Twirl Oolong Tea

    A winter flush Nilgiri oolong with soft delicate flavors of cinnamon and honey that roll through your palate.

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  • 3-Minute Tea Timer

    3-Min Sand Tea Timer

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  • Original Matcha

    The smooth vegetal notes and clean finish make this super tea powder ideal for beginners to Matcha.

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  • Chilli Chai

    This cup of masala chai comes with its own kicker, in the form of chilli. A perfect “pick me up” after a long day!

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  • Halmari Clonal Assam Black Tea

    Medium bodied flavorful cup with citrus notes

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