Benefits of drinking Organic Green Tea

Abali organic green tea

Healthy, natural living has become a priority among most contemporary tea drinkers. We try to keep the pesticides away from our systems as much as possible. Strangely enough, the first time pesticides are washed off tea leaves, is when they are first steeped in your cup. Although the pesticides in your cup are a ‘low’ amount, switching to completely pesticide free tea makes a lot of sense for people looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. Organic Tea, especially Organic Green tea is quite possibly as healthy as it gets.

The benefits of Organic tea are not just restricted to the fact that you’ll avoid pumping your system with a certain amount of pesticides, there are a lot more factors. For starters,

1) It taste better. Yes, Organic tea tastes a lot better. You get a certain authentic taste that is often absent in non-organically grown tea. The use of organic fertilisers allows the tea plants to take their time to blossom and ripen. This happens at a healthy, natural pace. The natural sugars in compounds further helps add a nice flavour.

2) It’s good for the environment. This one is obvious, but it’s time to step back and analyse how we grow and deplete the earth of it’s natural pace and characteristics. This allows creatures like bugs and other organisms to lead a symbiotic existence with nature without us intruding all the time. In fact, tea gardens act as ecosystems that don’t contaminate the local water supplies. Several creatures, birds and animals live peacefully here. If you care about the environment and want to make a difference, make a change in the small things too. It goes a long way.
3) Organic Tea is always certified by the government. They make sure certain rules regarding proper fertilisation and use of organic pesticides are always followed. P.S: The Abali Organic Green Tea in our store has a ‘India Organic’ certification.

Organic Tea, like our 2015 Abali Organic Monsoon Green Tea, helps create a balance and maintain an ecological haven in the places where they’re grown. There is authenticity to their taste and the process is one which is respectful to local and natural cultures. Buying this tea will definitely help you boost your health while adding a variety of authentic flavours to your life.

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