beer and tea cocktails

Beer lovers, rejoice! It’s that day of the year again, the day to celebrate one of the oldest beverages in the world! Whether you’re a traditional lager lover or a craft beer kind of hipster, raise your frosty glasses, toast to happiness and life, and enjoy one of the most loved beverages ever!

One can never have too much of a good thing, and if you want to enhance your beer experience, or perhaps add a twist to it, you just need a special ingredient! We’ll give you a hint; it’s another beverage, widely popular across the world and relished either hot or cold! That’s right, TEA!
Now it might sound weird but these Beer-tea infusions are just the right blend of fruity, sweet flavours with alcohol, and are just plain delicious! Perfect for weekend brunches at home or a refreshing drink to sip on after a long day at work, here are a few simple combinations that are so easy, and so good that you’ll never look at either beverage the same way again!

The ‘chill out at home’ beer-tea:

This is a combination that never goes wrong. Keeping a red ale as your base, top it up with an unsweetened black or earl grey iced tea in a ratio of 2:1 (You can make your own iced tea, we recommend the Mahadeobari Imperial Assam Black). The sweetness of the ale is enhanced by the subtle bitterness of the tea and makes for an interesting flavour! Perfect drink to cool down with after a long, stressful day!

 The ‘hanging with friends’ beer-tea:

 A contemporary twist on the classic Arnold Palmer, this drink is always a hit and super easy to make! Prepare a batch of vodka infused iced tea, you can make it with any flavour you like although ensure that it not sweet (we recommend a lemon iced tea prepared with English Breakfast Assam Black). Pour 30 ml of this boozy iced tea into a pint of light beer and you’ve got yourself the ideal summer lemonade!

 The ‘Fancy’ beer-tea:

If you’re the type of host who prides yourself on your bartending skills, then you might want try out this interesting beertail. Brew a pot of hibiscus flavoured black iced tea and soak a lemon peel in it for about 30 minutes. Discard the lemon peel. Fill a tall glass with some chopped strawberry, top up with the iced tea and beer. Garnish with a wedge of lemon and serve chilled.

Few things can beat a steaming hot cup of good tea but sometimes, you really need a good cocktail to hit that spot! Beer –teas combine the two most popular drinks in the world, and really complement each other, each enhancing the flavour and character of the other. Now, your beer can be sweeter, packed with antioxidants, with fewer calories and a hint of caffeine. The best part about this? There are no rules! Experiment with different beers and teas and create your concoctions, your imagination (and maybe taste buds) is the only limit! Happy beer day!

Author ~ Medha Kulkarni is a freelance writer and illustrator.

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