Add some Lemon to your Tea

lemon tea

Lemon juice is commonly added to tea. The juice of lemon not only enriches the flavour of the tea but also makes the experience fancier. But more importantly, adding lemon to your tea has many health benefits. The best way to make to add lemon to your brewed loose leaf tea. Lemon works wonderfully with both black tea and green tea.

Benefits Of Lemon Tea

Lemon tea will make your digestive system stronger. A cup of tea has good essence and spreads it inside the body. It also helps with detoxification and cleansing of the system.

Drinking lemon tea calms the nerves and eases the brain. It can reduce headaches, strengthen the body, boost vitality, and cure general weaknesses. Drinking lemon tea can sooth your senses – so try it when you are feeling down or exhausted or even when you are anxious.

According to some studies, lemon tea to a certain extent  can also hamper the growth of cardiovascular illnesses. Clinical experiments are still incomplete to determine the benefits of tea’s flavonoids to decrease inflammation and hamper the formation of blood clout, but drinking tea is still good for the heart.

Insulin activity also tends to increase with the consumption of lemon tea. Insulin is very important for the body to produce energy from glucose or sugar. Teas such as oolong, green and black tea, enforces the activity of insulin in the body. Adding lemon to these teas adds to the benefits.

The best time to savour a cup of lemon tea is in the mornings. The tea will enhance your metabolism and keep you in a good mood. Lemon tea is beneficial in both winters and summers. In winters, lemon tea provides warmth to your body and in summers it helps fight the heat.
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