A slow-infused cold brew for Iced Tea


It’s October and the weather in my hometown of Kolkata is still quite hot & humid – and to keep myself cool, I have been drinking loads of yummy iced teas. I have tried quite a few variations over the last couple of weeks – my favourite is the rosemary Assam iced tea for which I usually choose the Mokalbari East Assam Black tea that has a perfect harmony of of a floral note and a sublime malty flavor.

For the longest time to make iced tea, I used to brew tea in hot water. If I am in a hurry, I brew it for about 5 minutes otherwise for a minimum of 25-30 minutes. But in my search to find new recipes I discovered cold brewing.

Brewing tea in cold water adds more flavour into the refreshing drink.

To make cold-infused tea, simple add 2 tablespoons of loose-leaf tea for every litre of water. Cover it and put it in the fridge for 8-12 hours.

Add fruits or herbs along with the tea to add more flavor and aroma to the slow-brew infusion. Just pour into glasses, and serve chilled.

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