A list of 10 must-haves for your Tea Shelf.

If you love your cuppa tea then you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in the following items. We have created a list of tea paraphernalia that every tea lover should own.

tea infuser

Tea Infuser

Most people use tea bags, but if you really want to enjoy the good stuff, then it’s loose-leaf tea that you want. Add a bunch of creative tea infusers to brew the perfect cup of tea.

tea timer at the tea shelf

Tea Timer

Your steep time is super important for the perfect cup. Enjoy a great brew every time with a tea timer.

tea stand at the tea shelf

Tea Stand

Tea parties with friends is almost always accompanied by cupcakes, cookies, scones etc. A pretty British inspired tea stand such as this is a must have.

tea cosy at the tea shelf

Tea Cosy

Every teapot or kettle requires a tea cosy to keep the tea warm. And if tea cosies are as cute as this one you’ll want more than one.

engraved spoon at the tea shelf

Engraved Tea Spoon

Engraved teaspoons or teaspoon sets make a perfect gift for a tea-loving friend. Why not make it a wedding gift? Engrave the wedding date and they will cherish it forever.

tea coasters at the tea shelf

Tea Coasters

Finish off your tea set with a great base for the teacups with coasters. From cute and quirky to stylish and elegant, coasters make your tea party beautiful.

tea cups and mugs at the tea shelf

Mismatched Mugs

There’s nothing better than drinking tea out of a big tea mug. Get yourself a collection of mismatched mugs in your cupboards and make tea time that much more fun.

mason jar for storing tea at the tea shelf

Mason Jars

They are cheap, made of glass, reusable, environmental friendly and can be labeled for the different types of loose teas in your cupboard. An absolute must have!

tea set at the tea shelf

Tea Sets

From vintage tea sets, to artsy ones or even gorgeous silver tea sets. You must own at least one tea set to use on special occasions.


A Collection of Premium Tea

Now that you have the accessories, get yourself some fine tea. Browse through our shop to explore premium loose leaf tea!

The list is endless for the things a tea lover can buy. What would you like to add to your Tea Shelf?

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