16 Excuses to Drink tea

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“Everybody should believe in something, I believe I should have another cup of tea”.

And if you are anything like me, you will find any excuse to drink the next cup of tea. These are some excuses we have used or heard being used?

1. When you wake up

2. When you need a ‘pick-me-up’

3. When your last cup is over or too cold to finish

4. When there is nothing else to do!

5. There’s cupcake! Or cakes, scones, cookies 😉

6. The new book you ordered online, just arrived

7. Gossip session with your BFF

8. When you are tired

9. ’cause you’re having a busy day

10. Because you are happy

11. Or sad

12. There’s an ad break on TV

13. Or because your favourite movie is on

14. Because someone mentioned tea

15. Or because you are sleepy

16. And best of all, because you just read this poster.

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Go on, make yourself a cup of tea. What’s your excuse?
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